Mercy College transitions to Mercy University for new academic year

Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry transitions to Mercy University for the new academic year, signaling expanded academic offerings and research opportunities under the leadership of President Dr. Susan Parish.

News 12 Staff

Aug 22, 2023, 9:42 PM

Updated 332 days ago


Mercy College, a local institution of higher learning, is set to begin the academic year under a new name, Mercy University, as confirmed by Dr. Susan Parish, the institution's president.
The decision to rebrand was approved by the New York State Board of Regents, acknowledging that Mercy College has met all necessary requirements for designation as a university in the state of New York. Dr. Parish explained the distinction between colleges and universities, emphasizing that universities offer a broader range of programs, including graduate and doctoral degrees, along with research initiatives.
The name change follows the recent appointment of Dr. Susan Parish as the 13th president of the institution. The transformation is symbolized not only by the new name but also by a revamped logo and the launch of Mercy University's new nursing school.
Alumna Louise Squitieri, a member of Mercy College's inaugural graduating class from the 1960s, expressed pride in the institution's growth and evolution, highlighting the development of different campuses and facilities.
Nathaniel Singleton, a senior studying journalism, shared his optimism about the rebranding. Singleton believes that having "University" instead of "College" on his resume could enhance his job prospects upon graduation, adding prestige to his qualifications.
The change in name, logo, and expanded academic offerings mark a significant milestone for Mercy University as it continues to evolve and contribute to the educational landscape. The institution's journey from its beginnings as a college to its current status as a university reflects its dedication to academic excellence and growth.

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