Middletown Medical admits data breach of patient information

A data breach at a major medical practice in Orange has potentially put patients' private information at risk.
In a statement on their website, Middletown Medical administrators claim that a software security setting may have allowed unauthorized users access to patients' names, dates of birth and treatment information back in January.
“Although there is no evidence that any of this information has been misused, as an added precaution, we recommend that potentially affected individuals carefully review accounts statements and the explanation of benefits statements that they receive to check for any unfamiliar health care services,” the statement says.
It was not immediately clear how many patients could have been affected.
The practice has claimed the breach was immediately fixed and patient Social Security numbers were not jeopardized.
Middletown Medical has about a dozen locations in the Hudson Valley. It's not clear if all of those facilities were affected by the breach.
News 12’s calls to Middletown Medical have not been returned.