Middletown residents say packages being carelessly placed amid porch pirate season

A group of Middletown residents say packages delivered by the U.S. Postal Service are being placed carelessly in their neighborhood, especially with porch pirate season starting with the holidays.
Barbara Mitchell, who lives on Cross Road, says her package was left in the middle of her driveway. Another time, Mitchell says her package was left by their delivery person in a bag on a tree limb.
Her neighbor sent News 12 a picture of his package he says was left beneath his mailbox - yards away from his house and alongside the road.
Both say they've complained to the Postal Service, but it has not responded. A News 12 crew caught up with a postal worker, who says that packages aren't being dropped off at one house due to a "beware of dog" sign.
A regional manager for USPS says they're looking into the concerns.