Middletown student becomes first female in Section IX history to start at quarterback

A student from Middletown has become the first female in Section IX history to start at quarterback.
Junior Sierra DeGiorgio made her first start at quarterback for the Middies on Friday.
"It was exciting it was exciting being able to go out on the field as the first Varsity female quarterback starting a game," said DeGiorgio.
"I do feel like I'm an inspiration to young girls, but I also feel like the other girls that aren't playing QB like kickers or like lineman," she added. "It's just showing that we can do what guys can do and play the sports that they can play."
The New York State Sportswriters Association says she is believed to be the first female quarterback to start for a Class AA school in New York state history.
"She just wants to play football," said Middletown HS varsity football coach Tim Strenfel. "I don't think she cares about the hub hub. "She's a great athlete and she's proven to me over the last five months anyone can do this." 
Middletown would go on to win 29-14 over Monticello, the team’s first win of the season.