Middletown summer camp for children in need opens for 128th season

Braeside Summer Camp traces its roots in Middletown back to 1896.

Blaise Gomez

Mar 15, 2024, 8:02 PM

Updated 69 days ago


A summer camp in Orange County that has helped kids in need for more than a century is getting ready to open for the season!
Braeside Summer Camp traces its roots in Middletown back to 1896.
It was first a convalescent home, operating out of a home on Horton Avenue, for New York City children who were recovering from being sick.
“At that time, tuberculosis was an issue and the folks that started the camp decided they needed a place for outdoor fun where kids could get out in the sun, but also be fed because a lot of these families couldn’t afford to feed their children,” says Braeside board of director’s vice chair Victor Werany.
The nonprofit organization changed locations downtown several times and eventually became a summer camp in the 1950s for underprivileged children.
Braeside eventually found its longtime home where it is now - on 17 acres on East Main St. The summer camp still provides weeks of free summer fun for children, including those in need.
“It’s such a good experience that helps them know that there’s good people out there. Times may be tough now but that stuff ends,” Werany says.
Braeside’s camp services are largely paid for by community donations, grants and fundraisers.
For more information, visit www.braesidecamp.org.

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