Monroe family: Delivery woman sneezed on order before touching doorbell

A Monroe family shared Ring surveillance video with News 12 from Monday night when they say they ordered food from the home-delivery service DoorDash.
They say the video shows their delivery woman at their doorstep sneezing on the order before touching their doorbell.
The family says they didn't watch the video until after they ate.
"I opened the app, and I watched the feed and was completely shocked and dismayed by what I had seen. I watched it back a couple of times and the more I watched it the angrier I got," says Laura Greco, of Monroe.
The family says they contacted DoorDash, which said the delivery woman would be tested for coronavirus, but did not say whether the woman would be fired. 
Greco says it's of little consolation, adding that she lost her 72-year-old cousin to the virus on Tuesday, 
A representative for DoorDash says it issued Greco a full refund and that it is  in contact with that driver. 
They say dashers - as they call them - are supplied with hand sanitizer and gloves and are also being given paid time off if they get sick.
News 12 reached out to the Orange County Health Department to confirm whether or not it's overseeing home delivery services like DoorDash during the coronavirus crisis. It referred News 12 to Consumer Affairs but so far there has been no response.
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