Monroe supervisor upset about cuts to dog shelter budget

Monroe Town Supervisor Harley Doles says he is upset after the town consolidated its dog shelter with nearby Woodbury to cut costs.
Monroe slashed its shelter's workforce last month from three part-time animal control officers to one to perform services like picking up strays and caring for abandoned dogs.
Doles disagrees with the decision to change policy, noting in an email concerns about the remaining officer being overworked since the changes took effect. Doles, who is running for re-election, voted against consolidating departments, and says since the dog control officers were fired, the remaining worker has clocked in 27 days straight.
Councilman Tony Cardone, who's running for town supervisor against Doles, says he and other board members voted to consolidate services with nearby Woodbury to minimize costs. Cardone says the officer doesn't mind, and that arrangements have been made for Woodbury to pick up the slack.
"I had a meeting with that worker this past week," Cardone said. "He's perfectly fine with everything."
Cardone says the controversy is politically motivated. The remaining animal control worker declined to comment to News 12.