Monsey leaked video prompts another alleged yeshiva abuse survivor to step forward

The leaked video of a student apparently beaten by a teacher - allegedly inside a Monsey yeshiva - has prompted another allegation of child abuse in ultra-Orthodox schools.
Sam Roth grew up in Brooklyn and went to Skver Yeshiva – a private school headquartered in New Square. He says it was there that he saw daily abuse like the apparent beating seen in the 2016 leaked video shared with News 12.
"[Students] would actually fall to the ground like the video – and since it's not dignified for the teacher to bend down, they'd just kick them," says Roth.
Roth, now 24, says he was also struck in the head when he was just 9 years old.
"We're all brought up as if this is the norm, how it's supposed to be," he says.
A spokesperson for the state Education Department says it condemns any misconduct against children by a licensed educator. It's not clear if private schools are required to hire licensed teachers. While New York prohibits corporal punishment in public schools, there's no law against it in private ones.
Roth hopes lawmakers will help make the change.
"There are kids getting beaten up every day. They need to turn their eyes toward it. It's something to look at and something that needs to stop," says Roth.
While corporal punishment laws do not apply to private schools, severe or excessive punishment is not allowed. Survivors and advocates say alleged school abuses are commonly unreported in the insular community.
News 12 reached out to Skver Yeshiva for comment, but did not hear back.
Ramapo police say they are investigating the incident caught on video in Monsey.