Montefiore Medical Center offers tips for healthy travel abroad

A new mosquito-borne virus in the Caribbean has doctors warning travelers to take certain precautions before boarding a plane out of the U.S. 
The Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico and several other Caribbean islands have seen an increase in the chikungunya virus. Doctors say so far, there are 10 reported cases in Florida and one in New York. Experts say symptoms normally show up three to five days after being bit by a mosquito carrying the virus.
Symptoms include high fever and severe joint pain.
Doctors say travelers should use mosquito repellent and wear long-sleeve clothing to protect against the virus. Physicians say, for now, there's no cause for alarm because the mosquito that carries the virus isn't found in New York.
Doctors at Montefiore Medical Center advise travelers to visit a doctor four to six weeks before arrival abroad to get vaccinated for illnesses common to the country or countries.