Mount Kisco man turns retirement gift into $1M lotto windfall

A Mount Kisco shipping clerk shrewdly reinvested his retirement gift, making him Westchester?s latest jackpot winner.
Glicerio Asis, 74, won $20 from scratch-off cards he got as a retirement gift. Asis says he used his winnings to buy more lotto tickets from a Katonah pharmacy that he frequents. Asis ended up winning $1 million, which he will receive in installments over 20 years. He will collect approximately $34,000 annually after taxes. Asis? son-in-law says his father-in-law is even lucky when he plays slot machines.
Asis, who is a widower, emigrated from the Philippines in the 1960s. He says he hasn?t been to his homeland since 1969, but plans to make a trip now.