New housing rule leaves pregnant BX woman homeless

? A new policy has left some Bronx residents, who say they are in need of emergency housing, out on the street.
The city?s Prevention And Temporary Housing office (PATH) places families seeking emergency housing in shelters until the Department of Housing Services (DHS) can review their case. Prior to the new rule, families that DHS found were ineligible for public housing would dispute the finding while continuing to stay at the shelter. Effective February 21, families that receive a letter of ineligibility are now evicted. DHS says it bases its findings on factors like whether the applicant has relatives to stay with, but one Bronx resident says that?s not fair.
Julie Gonzalez, who is pregnant, says DHS denied her public housing request because the agency believes Gonzalez can stay with her sister. Gonzalez says that?s not possible because her sister has two children and cannot have occupants in her apartment who are not on her lease. PATH also says Gonzalez cannot stay in another shelter for 90 days.