New media training studio aims to empower individuals in Mount Kisco

A state-of-the-art workforce media training studio was unveiled at a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Mount Kisco Tuesday.
The studio aims to equip individuals with intellectual disabilities with professional skills using advanced lighting, audio equipment, cameras, and microphones.
Dennis Rosenfeld, the workforce development media analyst trainer at Richmond Community Services, highlighted the misconceptions about the capabilities of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. "Unfortunately, there's a stigma, where the people who we support with intellectual and developmental disabilities might be stuck in a job. They may be associated with food centers, or shopping carts, and greeting people where there's a fallacy that that's just where their capacity lies."
Additionally, the center plans to offer this cutting-edge space to other local companies requiring resources for creating original media and advertising content. The initiative stands as a beacon of inclusivity and skill development within the Mount Kisco community.