New push to report gun crimes in Newburgh could net witnesses $5,000

Authorities in Newburgh are cracking down on gun violence, announcing a $5,000 reward for information on gun trafficking and illegal guns that leads to an arrest.
The push comes after a weekend that saw 28 calls for shots fired in the city. The reward is being funded by an anonymous donor, according to District Attorney Dave Hoovler.
"I'm asking and pleading to the community to tell us where the guns are coming from. Tell us who's involved in the shootings. Cooperate with the police while investigating violent crimes," said Hoovler.
Officials say the pandemic is creating problems that lend to high crime, such as unemployment and poverty. They are hoping the witness incentive will be exactly what the city needs.
Authorities say four out of five witnesses in Newburgh, on average, refuse to cooperate with police investigations.
To report gun trafficking or an illegal firearm under the City of Newburgh's new Crime Stopper reward program, call the district attorney's anonymous tip line at 845-291-2106.