New Spring Valley Thruway toll brings confusion to commuters

Despite some confusion by commuters, the new E-ZPass toll being built in Spring Valley on the New York State Thruway will be for commercial vehicles only.
State Thruway Authority says the new ?high speed? E-ZPass will have the ability to recognize the difference between a commercial and a personal tag. As a result, only the commercial tags will be charged. The overhead barrier and its advanced technology will have the capacity to charge E-ZPass accounts while the driver is traveling at 65 mph. It will also charge the commercial trucks by their length and height. Sensors in the ground will determine the number of axles and weight of the vehicle.
Highway authorities hope this new toll will help keep traffic moving. Construction is expected to be completed by December. The ?high speed? technology being built in Spring Valley is also expected in Woodbury by 2009.