New York City Health Department confirms first case of enterovirus 68; expert offers tips on virus prevention

The city's Department of Health is on high alert after a New York City child tested positive for the enterovirus 68 virus.
Health officials says they are keeping a close watch for kids presenting symptoms.
EV-D68 can cause severe respiratory illness, especially in children. That's why the DOH is monitoring hospital admissions to detect changes in the number of children admitted for respiratory illness, asthma and influenza-like illness.
Dr. Nathan Litman, a Bronx pediatrician, says children should be encouraged to wash their hands frequently. If they are coughing or sneezing, they should be taught the proper etiquette, which is locking the sneeze or cough with their elbows.
The DOH also warns that other, more common respiratory viruses are also currently circulating, which are normally present this time of year, including influenza.
Health experts recommend that parents with concerns consult their child's doctor. They recommend that children that are sick, stay home from school so they don't transfer the illness to others.