New York Comic Con wraps up after whirlwind of cosplay, stars and fun

The East Coast's largest pop culture convention has come to an end. 
New York Comic Con 2019 was a whirlwind of activity, from panels to celebrity appearances, and everything in between. 
While most people who go to Comic Con dress up, there are some who take it to the next level and attract a lot of attention.
News 12 spoke to several rockstar cosplayers about their experience. 
Mathieu Archambault from Montreal cosplays as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, and has many people fooled that he is actually the real actor who plays Jon Snow. 
Archambault says, “It was a privilege for me to have the opportunity to cosplay Jon Snow. I speak with more people, theres a lot of community, people are sweet, they’re helping each other."
Liz Mooney stole the show in the entrance to Comic Con at the Javits Center, dressed as "Good Fairy." 
Her outfit was designed by artist Ryan Jude Novelline. Novelline says, "It’s fun to have people celebrate something that you came up with yourself, that feels great as an artist.”