New York National Guard to screen travelers at Westchester County Airport

The New York National Guard is visiting the Westchester County Airport this week to ensure travelers remain safe.
The Guard is partnering with the Department of Health to help screen travelers at airports across the state and to make sure quarantining and testing guidelines are being followed.
They also will be staffing testing centers, assembling test kits and handing out medical supplies.
The overall mission has been going on for two months across the state, but officially begins at the airport on Wednesday.
New York has some of the strictest rules for traveling, which include:
  • Getting a negative test three days before leaving
  • Quarantining for three days in New York
  • Getting a second negative test on day four
If both tests are negative, the traveler can exit quarantine early. If not, they must stay for 14 days.
Those coming from states bordering New York are exempt. 
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is strongly urging people to reconsider traveling for Thanksgiving.