New York Supreme Court to hear Mount Pleasant resident’s challenge to 2022 Voting Rights Act

A New York Supreme Court judge will soon hear the first legal challenge under the state's 2022 Voting Rights Act.
A group of five Hispanic Mount Pleasant residents filed a lawsuit this week, accusing the town's at-large voting system of diluting the minority vote. They're asking a judge for an alternative voting method to level the playing field.
The town has denied any wrongdoing.
"We would like some kind of ranked-choice, cumulative voting, or district ward system. Anything that gives the Hispanic population the ability to have a seat at the table," says David Imamura, attorney for the plaintiffs.
Darius Chafizadeh, Mount Pleasant Town Attorney, counters, "Any allegations to the contrary that this board or any member of the town board discriminated against anyone is just patently false."