Newark couple opens pop-up drive-in movie theater to pay homage to Black cinema

A Newark couple has recently opened a pop-up drive-in movie theater to pay home to African American film and their home city.
“We wanted to enhance and add to the movie experience,” says co-owner Siree Morris.
That idea led to the birth of Newark Moonlight Cinema – a pop-up theater located in the old Newark Bears Stadium.
“With everyone being so cooped up in the house, you know, because of quarantine and the pandemic, this is a great way to get out, have some good, safe fun with your family,” says co-owner Ayana Morris.
The couple says that their mission is to entertain the public while also celebrating African American film.
“Black content is American content. African American actors are American actors,” says Ayana.
“All of these films come with also an amazing soundtrack and all of that is important to me and especially Black culture,” says patron Jeaux Henry of Montclair.
The couple says that it was also important to pay homage to the Brick City.
“As Newark people, who were born here, went to school here, was raised here, you know this is something that we take pride in providing, in terms of an experience,” says Siree.
The couple also practices all COVID-19 safety protocols.
Tickets must be bought in advance and online. Food can be ordered on the Fanfood app.