Newburgh residents still dealing with aftermath of May storm

Residents in Newburgh are still picking up the pieces after a tornado hit in May.
The storm blew through the area on May 15, causing downed trees and power lines as well as damage to many homes.
Ida Riewe, of Newburgh, says she never thought she would experience something like it living in New York. 
"I just thought, I'm alone," says Riewe. "I'm gonna die and nobody knows."
Riewe lost part of her roof and her bathroom was destroyed. She says dust and debris keeps on falling no matter how much she keeps on trying to clean.
Orange County Emergency Management officials are still assessing the damage across the county. They say they are trying to help everyone, but the cleanup process could take all summer.
"You have to compile the damage" says Alan Mack, of Orange County Emergency Management. "You have to have enough damage to get someone to come, and then they come."
Officials have been relying on volunteer crews from around the country to help. Riewe was happy to hear the knock on her door from All Hands and Hearts, one of the organizations pitching in to help clean up the area. 
Orange County Emergency Management is asking people to do their research before hiring someone to fix damage caused by the storm and to watch out for scammers.