Newburgh works to fill sinkholes while repairing city's 100-year-old infrastructure

The city filled up a giant void on North Street where the ground caved in after last week's storms.

News 12 Staff

May 5, 2023, 10:10 PM

Updated 379 days ago


The City of Newburgh is trying to keep up with sinkholes and other surprises as several streets are being torn up to replace 100-year-old sewer pipes and other infrastructure.
The disruption this time was on North Street where the city filled up a giant void where the ground caved in after last week's storms just as gas line work was happening.
The city has spent tens of millions in grants to overhaul its 100-year-old sewer system that often leaks, and those leaks can lead to sinkholes.
Some motorists have spent a lot of time in traffic caused by the sinkhole repair and multiple other infrastructure projects, just blocks apart.
They said the road work delays their travel and work progress, but they understand how important the projects are.
Resident Sharalyn Wade says it is worth whatever problems come with the constant sewer work on North Street or on Colden Street near the waterfront, or any of the other places where underground projects are happening.
"Of course. It has to be done. We have an old city," she says.
City officials say their crews have been digging up many other surprises, including old sewer lines they did not know were there and contaminated soil they had to remove.
Those issues, like sinkholes, can cause extra disruptions.

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