News 12 offers tips on unsolicited credit cards, credit card applications by mail

News 12 has some tips on how to get rid of pre-approved credit card applications and cards that come unsolicited in the mail.
While some may want to throw the cards or applications in the trash, experts say that they may contain sensitive information. The cards and applications should be shredded before they are thrown away.
Experts say that people can opt out of getting the junk mail by visiting online sites similar to the Do Not Call Registry that keeps phones free of telemarketers. 
However, opting out of junk mail requires providing sensitive information.
"You really have to be careful to use the right website because you're going to be giving your Social Security number, your name, your address, maybe your mother's maiden name, all kinds of sensitive information that you don't want to give to the wrong kind of place, because if you do you could be subject to identity theft, which is really a nightmare," says financial expert Jordan Goodman.
For those considering keeping or applying for these cards, Goodman suggests reading the fine print because usually the deals that come are the ones with the highest rates, the highest annual fees and the shortest grace periods.