North Rockland S.D. taxpayers fear no end in sight to whopping tax increases

A huge tax hike in the North Rockland School District has residents fearful about what they will be paying in the years to come.
The huge increase is the result of a recent court ruling involving the Mirant energy company and the district. Mirant was seeking refunds for years of over-payments at its Lovett station in Haverstraw and the Bowline plant in Stony Point. Now the district owes Mirant $221 million so taxpayers are paying an extra $15 million this year. The supervisor of Stony Point says he expects things to get a lot uglier next year, which worries residents.
With the tax increase, as well as the revaluing of property in Haverstraw, the supervisors for Stony Point and Haverstraw are asking the state to take a bigger portion of the debt.
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