Nurses, staff rally outside of St. Joseph’s Medical Center to protest violence

Nurses and staff rallied outside of a Yonkers hospital to demand more staff and assistance for patients.
News 12 is told nurses have seen an increase in patience violence against them, while staffing has steadily declined in recent months.
Employees in the mental health unit say only two nurses are assigned for every 30 patients – putting them in great danger.
“If I have an emergency, if I’m sick, if something’s wrong, if I fight with another patient on this floor, who’s going to defend me?” asked Anita Kukaj, of the St. Joseph’s Medical Emergency Room.
Kukaj further went on to allege that the patients are aware and know there aren’t enough nurses on duty to assist if needed.
According to some nurses, hospital CEO Mike Spicer was rude, demeaning and dismissive in a meeting. He also allegedly proceeded to call security on them after five minutes.
News 12 reached out to St. Joseph’s Medical Center representatives for comment and they responded by saying, “Saint Joseph’s Medical Center’s number one priority is providing a safe environment for our patients and staff and we take every measure to ensure that we provide a safe environment and appropriate staffing levels. In preparation of the surge of COVID-19, we are proud to say that we have in excess of the 90 day requirement of PPE supplies. Again, the care and safety of our patients and our staff is our top priority.”