Nyack firefighter makes history as 1st female lieutenant at Chelsea Hook & Ladder

A woman in Nyack is starting the New Year off making history.
Emily Sigmon has become the very first female lieutenant at her fire company, Chelsea Hook & Ladder in Nyack.
The 29-year-old reluctantly joined in 2018, after one of her guy friends signed on and pushed her too as well.
"Some people say oh man that's scary but it's exciting to work hard to do something bigger than yourself," says Sigmon.
In less than three years, she climbed the ladder to lieutenant.
According to the National Fire Protection Association, only 8% of firefighters nationwide are female. That's a statistic that Sigmon became part of by chance thanks to a college classmate.
"He joined the fire department at the end of 2017 and brought it up to me and was like what do you think, and I said I don't know I don't see women doing that," says Sigmon. "I didn't even know you could do that. I don't know anything about the fire department, but you know what I'll give it a shot and day one I fell in love with it."
The Ohio native works out five days a week because her job requires her to carry gear that weighs 60 to over 100 pounds.
"Yes there's stress, it's difficult, it's exhausting but when you love it, you're willing to put in the time and work for it," says Sigmon
Sigmon hopes her story inspires others to go after what they want, no matter how challenging it may appear.