Officials fear Rockland not protected by Indian Point's new emergency siren system

New emergency sirens are being installed in the 10-mile area surrounding the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, but not everyone is happy about the system.
Workers from Acoustic Technology Inc. of Boston, Massachusetts are visiting each site in Westchester, Rockland, Orange and Putnam counties through the end of this year replacing and testing the new system. However, Rockland County Executive Scott Vanderhoef is worried about the new siren plan after reading a report from the Department of Homeland Security. The report states the new system is incomplete. Vanderhoef fears there are dead spots in the county and residents won?t hear the sirens.
A spokesperson for Entergy, which owns the plant, says the new sirens have three essential differences. The sirens point in four different directions rather than rotating, can be activated and operated from more than one location, and come with battery backup. Entergy officials say they will address all concerns before the new sirens are operational. The Department of Homeland Security will have the final say before the old system is removed.
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