Officials help businesses destroyed in fire

After a fire destroyed eight stores in Westchester Square, local officials are reaching out to help those businesses get started again.
Local merchants say it's been difficult to rebuild following the large fire, but that they're not giving up. That's why officials presented the business owners with checks so they can get back on their feet.
Councilman Jimmy Vacca says he wants the merchants to stay in the area and return to their original business sites. So far, two of the destroyed businesses have relocated. The other owners are hoping that with some help, they won't have to move. "We're trying to bring back an area and with something tragic like this, every little bit helps," says John Bonizio, of the Westchester Square Merchants Association.
Meanwhile, local artists will join with the merchants for a show on May 16 in Westchester Square. They hope to remind Bronx residents to support the struggling businesses.