Online petition demanding White Plains SD fully reopen to full week of in-class learning gains traction

An online petition demanding that White Plains public schools fully reopen to a full week of in-class learning is gaining traction.
The petition comes as district officials confirm a new case of COVID-19.
White Plains Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Joseph Ricca tells News 12 that while he understands the frustration that parents and their children may be dealing with as they continue hybrid learning, there are other critical issues to also be considered.
"Just today, just today we identified another case of COVID-19, and we had to take appropriate precautions and safety actions within the district," he says.
The petition, which is gaining many signatures, urges that the students be allowed to return to the classroom five days a week instead of the current rotating hybrid model.
Dr. Ricca says the health and safety of those working and learning in Westchester County's fourth-largest school district must be the priority.
There are more than 7,000 students in the district.
"My primary responsibility as a teacher, as an administrator and community member is the health and safety of everybody; thousands of people that are in the White Plains City School District every day," says Ricca.
The petition was created by a number of parents and claims that the quality of the children's education is suffering, due to only two days in class and limited interaction with teachers on the other three virtual days of learning, putting students at a severe disadvantage. It also states that parents do not have the required tools and guidance to adequately support classroom instruction.