Orange County Air National Guard organizes newest relief effort for Katrina victims

The latest and biggest of the 12 post-Katrina aid missions deployed from Stewart Air Force Base is on its way down south carrying with it water, food, communications equipment and emergency response personnel. The much needed 150,000-pound water supply will aid in putting out fires and curbing the thirst of the hurricane victims. General Dana Demand, a 40-year veteran of the Air National Guard described his trip to Mississippi earlier this week as, ?literally heart wrenching? and ?unforgettable.? ?It was something I?ve never seen before and I?ve seen some tornados and some hurricanes in my life, but never anything this vast or sever.? These words are what prompted his phone to ring off the hook with pilots and crew volunteering their help after it was announced relief missions would be deployed from Stewart Air Force Base. Officials for the Air National Guard don?t know how many more Katrina missions will be deployed from the base and will make that decision according to how much extra help is needed in the affected areas.