Ossining Police Chief Kevin Sylvester retires after over 2 decades of service

Kevin Sylvester, who has served with the Ossining Police Department for more than 20 years, is retiring from his role as the police chief.
The mayor formalized Sylvester's retirement by signing a separation agreement during a board meeting last night.
In a message shared on social media today, Sylvester assured the community that they will continue to be in capable hands. He expressed his confidence in the department's leaders, stating, "I am completely confident the most appropriate leaders that you can possibly find are here, and the board has quite the challenge ahead of them in picking great vs. excellent. You have nothing but good options in front of them, and this community remains in good hands for generations with lots of good leaders coming up through the ranks."
Sylvester became Westchester County's youngest police chief when he was sworn in at the age of 35 and leaves behind a legacy of dedicated service and leadership