Outgoing Scarsdale HS basketball coach holds forum for parents

Scarsdale High School's outgoing boys basketball coach held a forum Monday night at the Willow Ridge Country Club to give parents what he calls "closure" over him vacating the position.
"The resigning piece was a bit of a sticky issue, so I wanted to make sure I spoke to the players and the parents, and that was something I wasn't supposed to do," Bill Murphy said. "Once I communicated with them, it was kind of forced out."
The one-time Section 1 Coach of the Year was reportedly suspended recently, and he resigned in response. But there are conflicting reports about why Murphy left or was let go. On Monday, he asked parents, players and community members to attend the open forum to discuss what he said was an unexpected predicament, which could stem from one parent and a glass of beer.
"There's been nothing egregious done," Murphy said. "Calling a parent, talking to my players, possibly having a 12-ounce beer."
Murphy said he believes a parent angry about the suspension of their son for bad behavior started a vendetta against him, using a time when the coach had a drink socially while on a basketball trip.
During Murphy's forum, the Scarsdale school board held a meeting in which a spokesperson said Murphy would be officially terminated.
The team has three games left in the regular season. There's no word on who will take over as coach as the team heads into the postseason.