Pace University unveils new Cybersecurity War Room

A new technology is being utilized at Pace University's Pleasantville campus to train future cyber security defenders.
The university just unveiled its new Cybersecurity War Room, which is designed to simulate real-world cyber threats.
Students sit in a row of desks with computers in front of several large screens and utilities cybersecurity tools and technologies in a hands on learning environment.
"We try and teach them how to use the defensive tools to identify when an attack is going on," said clinical professor Joe Acampora, Seidenberg School of CSIS at Pace University.
Acampora teaches an applied cyber defense course that utilizes this new cutting-edge technology.
He said these skills are needed to combat the ever-growing problem of cyber-attacks in the digital age.
"They are protecting our infrastructure, protecting business, protecting government," he said.
The skills students learn will transfer to jobs in high demand, one estimate shows there are more than 600,000 vacancies in the cyber security realm.
It's a job of the future, which is not a hard leap for students who have grown up in a digital environment.