Pandemic causing a shortage in Bee-Line bus drivers and missed trips

If you're planning on taking a Bee-Line bus one of these days, you might be waiting out in the cold for longer than usual.
Westchester County Executive George Latimer says the pandemic is causing a shortage in bus drivers and missed trips. "They have to go through the same quarantine and isolation policies as any of us do." Those policies require a two-week quarantine, keeping drivers off the streets. "It's so bad. People complain about it and they have to do something about it," says bus passenger Michael Agumobi-obe.
County officials say part of the problem is that there's just no way to anticipate when bus drivers will call out sick. "You kind of rely on the bus system and public transit itself to be reliable, especially in places like Yonkers where everybody doesn't drive," says rider Martic Morrison. Officials are asking for understanding, and some patience as they manage the shortage. "At the same time, you can't complain about the drivers calling out for being sick and not spreading the virus," shrugs Morrison.
The county says they're working with bus operator Liberty Lines on solutions, including appointing a supervisor to better coordinate and communicate when it comes to these drivers' shifts.