Parents accuse Sen. Carlucci of shortchanging schools

Parents rallied in front of state Sen. David Carlucci’s office in Ossining on Wednesday because of a vote last week that they say blocks state funding to schools in Ossining and East Ramapo.
The parents say the senator is shortchanging schools and allege that Carlucci, who is a member of the Independent Democratic Conference, voted against increasing Foundation Aid, which is state funding that targets specific things like additional classes or resources.
News 12 reached out to Carlucci’s office, and he said in part, “The notion that I do not support increasing Foundation Aid substantially is outright false, and it is unfortunate there are organizations who are more interested in political games than telling the truth about our children's education…Hostile amendments like the one mentioned have no basis in the reality of the budget process, and my record is clear that I have always supported providing as much Foundation Aid to school districts as possible.”
News 12 was told that it has been described as a "hostile amendment” because it was essentially tacked on as an addition to a bill relating to funeral parlors.  It was voted against because the two issues are unrelated.  News 12 has been told that Sen. Carlucci wasn't actually in the room when that vote took place.