Parkchester tenants complain of foul odor from decomposed body

Tenants in Parkchester are begging for relief from the strong odor left behind when a neighbor died in his apartment. 
Residents at 2220 East Tremont Ave. say there's a lingering, unbearable stench after an elderly man, identified as Jerry Johnson, was found decomposing inside his apartment weeks ago. 
David McKenzie lives next door, and says the apartment was never disinfected or sterilized. He and his family are forced to wear masks and have air fresheners on hand, but they do little to hide the smell. 
McKenzie also says that management told him its hands are tied since the apartments are privately owned and the unit was closed off by police.
News 12 was unable to get a comment from the management company, but a spokesperson from the city's Health Department says the matter is being looked into.