PBA president denounces legislation aimed at police reform

Police and correction officers from every law enforcement division within the state stood shoulder to shoulder with the unions that represent them Tuesday to denounce what they say is a public smear campaign against the men and women of law enforcement.     
PBA President Patrick Lynch denounced a series of proposed legislation aimed at police reform and accountability. 
“There's been a message not only from City Hall and the statehouse that says they will be a soft touch and the criminals know it,” said Lynch. 
This week, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced plans to shift portions of funding from the NYPD to community youth programs. This is a move the PBA says will lead to an increase in crime in the city.  
Enforcement officials say the push to defund the NYPD sends a message to criminals. They say last week there were 40 shootings in the city, which is the highest since 2015.
Union officials were outraged about what they say is an anti-cop climate against those sworn to protect. 
The union brass also denounced the actions of the Minneapolis officer who placed his knee on the throat of George Floyd.