PBA responds to NYPD criticism following Eric Garner death

The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association spoke out today about what it calls 'vile and insulting' statements made about the NYPD.
The statements come after a medical examiner ruled the apparent chokehold death of a Staten Island man while in police custody a homicide.
The PBA said Tuesday that there is a lack of respect recently for law enforcement and what police officers do every day to protect the public.
The association touched on a number of issues, including anti-NYPD remarks from the Rev. Al Sharpton, the death of Eric Garner and the medical examiner's report that ruled Garner's death a homicide.
The PBA reminded the public that resisting arrest is a serious and dangerous crime no matter how petty the offense. They say they urge the public to comply when stopped by an officer.
In the case of Eric Garner, the PBA mentioned that he was warned by officers a week before his death about selling loose cigarettes. PBA President Patrick Lynch says officers followed procedure when they approached Garner on July 17, and he refused to be comply. The PBA also says Garner was not placed in a chokehold. The PBA's position is that that Garner was a big man who had to be brought to the ground to be placed under arrest by shorter officers.