Pearl River parents fight to give daughter a brighter future

A Pearl River family is fighting to give its 7-year-old daughter, who suffers from a rare debilitating disease, the care and support she needs.
Keelin Burns was born with a brain disorder called Schizencephaly. She was diagnosed about a month after birth. The rare condition has left her blind and at times unable to eat without a feeding tube. Now she suffers from seizures that occur in the middle of the night. Keelin?s mother had to have a hernia operation from carrying her up and down steps. The Burns have now decided to make their home more accesbile on the ground floor in order to utilize the possibility of live-in help.
Although Keelin?s father will be the general contractor, friends and neighbors like county Legislator John Murphy are lining up to help build the addition, which may cost up to $200,000.