Piermont police say car plunged into Hudson River without a driver

The Piermont Police Department say a person drove their car to the end of the Piermont Pier and got out before the car continued to roll into the Hudson River Wednesday afternoon.
The incident, which was captured on surveillance video, happened around 2 p.m.
Martin McIntyre was by the entrance to the pier hoping to get a scenic photograph of the area on Wednesday afternoon when police turned him away.
"The policeman was sitting there in his car, so he advised me that nobody was allowed down there either walking or traveling. He told me then that a car went off the end of the pier," he said.
Investigators said they found tire marks in the snow that traveled to the end of the dock and have been able to locate parts of the car but not the actual car itself.
They have also been unable to identify the driver.
Boats and dive teams scanned the frigid Hudson River water for hours.
"I mean hypothermia would set it very quickly now should anybody find themselves in the water there," McIntyre said.
This is an ongoing investigation involving the Piermont Police Department Detective Unit and the Rockland County Sheriff's Office.
Anyone with information regarding the incident should contact the Detective Unit at (845) 359-0240.