Pirro, law enforcement officials call for stricter gun control measures

Westchester DA Jeanine Pirro, who is also a Republican U.S. Senate candidate, met with law enforcement officials and legislators in White Plains Tuesday to call on state lawmakers to approve stricter gun control measures.
The recent deaths of two New York City police officers prompted the measure for stricter gun control. Stiffer penalties would result if someone has three, not 20, unlicensed guns, as the law is currently written. Another measure imposes the death penalty for anyone convicted of killing a cop. Pirro and former police officer turned Assemblyman, Lou Mosiello, blame Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver of dragging his feet on the issue.
A spokesperson for Silver tells News 12 Westchester that intense negotiations are underway on the proposed measures. State lawmakers will return to Albany Wednesday for a special session where they will be taking up the issue.