Pizza rat no more! City offers rodent prevention and management training

Do you want to learn the best way to keep those pesky rats out of your home and neighborhood? Good news. The city is offering a rat management course to encourage the best practices in rat prevention and management.
The two-to-three hour course is available to the community through the NYC Rodent Academy.
After completing the course, graduates will have a better understand of the biology, behavior and habitat of rodents and will be properly able to come up with strategies to achieve lasting change and improvements in their community.
The best part? You get to talk rodents for three hours -- for free!
The city is also offering a free, three-day intensive rat control training course for pest control professionals.
What's better than talking rodents for three hours? Talking about rodents for three days!
Free rodent-resistant garbage bins will also be raffled off to participants who register online.
For more information on the courses and to sign up, click here.