Planning a Super Bowl party? Food may cost you more this year

The Super Bowl is less than two weeks away and many are already planning their game day gatherings.
But Super Bowl parties are expected to cost more this year – up to 14% more, according to a report from Wells Fargo. Inflation is partly to blame.
The report says that meat is the biggest item to see an increase. Chicken wings are a fan favorite for any Super Bowl party, but prepared wings are up to 26% more expensive than last year for boneless wings. Bone-in wings will cost about 14% more. Frozen wings are up 26% as well
The price of steak has also spiked. The Bureau of Labor Statistics listed USDA choice sirloin at $8.98 per pound last year. It is not up over $11 per pound – a 23% bump.
Prices for ground beef for hamburgers are up 17%.
So how does one keep the costs down for the big game?
When it comes to dip, guacamole is a good choice. Avocado prices are holding steady.
Pork is a good choice for meat. Prices are up 7%, but that is considered a bargain for meat this year. Popular dishes include pulled pork, pork sliders and pork tacos.
As for drinks, the cost of beer and wine has stayed relatively affordable this year.