Playing with Fire: Deadline nearing for Ramapo reforms

The clock is ticking on the state-demanded reforms of the Town of Ramapo's fire inspections.
The New York secretary of state demanded the changes in part because of News 12's "Playing with Fire" investigation, which found scores of private schools with glaring fire code violations ignored by the town.
Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski has been seeking state action for more than two years. Last week at a news conference, he once again called for state intervention. Rockland County Executive Ed Day says the county is ready to help.
Ramapo's fire inspector is Adam Peltz, who was placed on desk duty after being accused of failing to cite obvious code violations in several schools.
The secretary of state's order demands that town officials begin showing progress in fixing their problems within as little as 10 days.
News 12 was deferred to Ramapo's town attorney after reaching out to officials for comment on how they are responding to the state's demands, but has not head back.