Playing with Fire: Lawmaker wants tougher school fire standards

A lawmaker is proposing tougher standards when it comes to fire inspections in Rockland County schools.
News 12's "Playing with Fire" investigation discovered that many private schools in Rockland either had out-of-date fire inspections or none at all.
State Rep. Kenneth Zebrowski has been leading an effort to crack down on violators and is proposing a major overhaul of the state's school fire safety requirements, which he says are antiquated as they date back to 1955.
Much of the focus has been on the Town of Ramapo, where a state investigation, spurred by the "Playing with Fire" reports, found major deficiencies in private school inspections. Zebrowski says that while there was a lack of enforcement in private schools, there has also been a lack of follow-up inspections at public schools, too.
State Sen. David Carlucci supports Zebrowski's proposed legislation and says he may introduce it himself to the Senate.
Having just been introduced, Zebrowski's proposal would not take effect before the start of the school year.