Pleasantville woman helps reunite family with their 60-year-old wedding memorabilia

A Pleasantville woman discovered 60-year-old wedding memorabilia deep in a nook of her home.
Danielle King later got help to return it to the bride and groom.
King was putting away Christmas decorations on Sunday when she noticed a box deep in the corner of a storage closet. Inside, were invitations and the schedule for Louie and Dee Pulice's wedding in 1961.
King asked for help finding the couple on social media.
Later that day, a friend of the family connected King with the Pulices, who now live in Florida, and their daughter Regina, who still lives nearby.
Regina came back to her childhood home on Thursday to pick up the wedding mementos and FaceTimed with her mother while doing it.
"I got goosebumps when Regina told me. I just couldn't believe it. I really, really appreciate it," Dee Pulice said.
"No problem. I'm glad it's back where it belongs," King responded.
Regina's plans to bring the wedding items to her parents during one of her regular visits to Florida later this year.