Police believe Hillcrest abduction was ransom attempt

Four teenagers were charged Tuesday in what police are calling a kidnapping for ransom case involving a Hillcrest girl.
Ramapo police said the suspects charged with kidnapping are 19-year-old Donald Siler, his 14-year-old brother Jamahl and 18-year-old Chantia Marshall. Donald Siler, who was on parole for robbery, and Marshall were also charged with robbery and grand larceny for stealing an unidentified item from Downes. The fourth suspect, 17-year-old Mitzi Mijangos, of Spring Valley, was charged with attempted burglary. Police say Mijangos tried to get inside the Downes' home by claiming that she needed to use the phone. The four were also suspects in the March 26 theft of a car belonging to the Downes family.
Ramapo police say 13-year-old Mara Downes was kidnapped by three masked assailants and forced screaming into the trunk of a car just after she got off the school bus Monday. She was still locked in the trunk and alone in the car when it was found around 6:20 p.m. in Spring Valley, about a mile from the abduction scene.
According to police, there was a plot involving the suspects. They say they decided to ditch the kidnapping plan because of all the police activity. Police say it was a stranger abduction and don?t believe the victim knew the individuals who abducted her yesterday.Related InformationThirteen-year-old girl abducted in Rockland, found alive hours later