Police crack down on illegal dirt bike riding in Soundview

A citywide crackdown on dirt bike riding has succeeded in pulling many bikes off the streets in Soundview.
Police say dirt bike riding, which is illegal in New York state, is blamed for a number of accidents on the Bruckner Expressway, as well as in other nearby neighborhoods. Surveillance video showing dirt bike riders terrorizing the streets of the Bronx back in 2013 turned public attention to the matter.
Authorities say more than 30 dirt bikes have already been confiscated in the area since April, when the 43rd Precinct teamed up with Community Board 9. 
Board Chairman William Rivera credits tip callers for helping to rid the streets of dirt bikes, and ultimately making it safer for both pedestrians and drivers. Tips have ranged from where bikes are stored, to where they're being worked on and where riders are congregating.
Police say they have undercover officers that work in teams to catch illegal dirt bike riders. Rivera says he hopes the crackdown will eliminate dirt bikes altogether, making it safer for pedestrians and drivers in the area.