Police: Grandson beat elderly Bronx woman to death

Police have arrested a man for allegedly beating his grandmother to death inside her Throgs Neck home Thursday morning.
Police swarmed the house at 633 Hollywood Ave. after Alice Durso's 48-year-old grandson barricaded himself inside, throwing objects from the second floor to keep police at bay. Neighbors reported seeing the suspect throwing furniture and glass from the home's second-floor balcony during the standoff.
Police eventually stormed the home, where they found the victim, 87, who was beaten to death with a wooden object. Police safely removed two relatives and a home health aide, who suffered minor injuries. The grandson was taken into custody.
Just five years earlier, Durso's husband, Vincent, vanished from their home. "I'm shocked. You never saw her," said a neighbor. "Her husband disappeared a couple years back. A terrible way for that woman's life to end."
Authorities say the suspect has a history of psychiatric problems and lived with his grandmother.