Police in Wallkill respond to growing gunfire with increased patrols

Police in Wallkill say Thursday?s shooting of a man outside an apartment complex was the result of a drug deal.
Four men were arrested in connection to the shooting of a man in his car outside the Sherwood Forest Apartment Complex. Police say Dante Payne, 23, of Yonkers, Franky Alston, 23, Marques Burke, 22, both of Middletown, and Carl Johnson, 23, of Chester approached the victim in his car for a drug deal. The victim was shot twice. The four men fled but were later arrested.
Police are increasing patrols as a result of the recent incidents of gunfire in Wallkill. There have been five shootings in the last two months, a situation the police call critical. They acknowledge drugs are a part of most of the violence in the area. They have assigned two officers whose sole duty will be quality of life issues.
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