Police: Man stabbed to death by girlfriend

One man is dead after police say he was fatally stabbed by his girlfriend inside her mother?s home on Trinity Avenue.
Neighbors say they are shocked by the crime, and also, by who committed it. Police say it was a domestic dispute that led to the confrontation, leaving a 38-year-old man with two stab wounds to the chest.
?I was very shocked, I was crying,? neighbor Soei says. ?It was messed up ? this never happened in the building before.?
Authorities say the victim was taken to Lincoln Hospital, where he later died. Neighbors say the girlfriend was visiting her mother and her two teenage sons, who live in the apartment where the stabbing took place. Tenants say they are surprised that such a violent crime happened to such a quiet family.
Tenants also say that this type of domestic dispute is very unusual, since it is usually the female who is the victim in these cases. ?I?m used to the women getting messed up instead of the men,? Soei says. ?It?s like, shocking to me.?
Neighbors say their hearts go out to the children in the family who now have to suffer as a result of this tragedy.